If you are looking for an experienced, professional and honest attorney to represent you hire this law firm. I recently had to seek help with a family member and this law firm helped this horrible process go so much smoother then what I anticipated. I can't thank them enough for their amazing hard work and dedication in our case. They are the best at what they do.Christy Van Stelle is who helped us the majority of the case. She was honest and upfront about the situation since I first made contact with her, Christy is extremely knowledgeable in her field. The deciding factor was how understanding and knowledgeable she was regarding the case. She provided the information and reassurance we needed to make the decision to hire her in our first phone call. I had consulted with two other law firms before reaching this office. The difference in approach was like oil and water, incomparable. Once I spoke to Christy I knew she would be the right person to represent and resolve this matter in court. The process went smooth and according to plan each step of the way. Christy would communicate and update me as needed reassuring me that it would all workout. Her down to earth personality is honestly what made this situation so much better. She doesn't sugarcoat anything she is very straightforward with all the information she provides. Christy didn't over promise but OVER DELIVERED! Her hard work and dedication to our case got us an incredible outcome that we didn't not expect. Thank you Christy for making this nightmare go away. May the universe repay you for being a blessing in our lives in this matter. THANK YOU!Mr. David Knoll was who was with us the final day in Court. Thanks to his knowledge and support he made that day much less stressful. He communicated with us and explained the entire process in a court room. Keeping us informed made the entire process smooth. The outcome was better than what we expected walking in to the court room. Thank you for being there to represent us this day Mr. Knoll.Thank you both for going above and beyond to bring peace back in our families lives. You did everything you said you would do before we hired you and much more . Thank you!If you find yourself looking for an amazing, dedicated, understanding professional hire them. You will not be disappointed. Christy is a great asset to this law firm, her dedication and passion for her craft is paying off in court.