Compassionate and Tenacious Attorney

I had reached the mature age of 56 and for the first time in my life I was arrested and charged with two counts of felony terrorist threats(PC 422) which carried a maximum sentence of three years in state prison and five years formal probation. After bailing from the absolutely awful and terrifying Sacramento County Sheriff Department's "Jail of Hell," I arrived home to find several letters in my mail box from attorneys offering to assist me. After careful research, I selected the Law Office of David Knoll. Upon review of my case, Mr. Knoll accepted my case. I was extremely anxious the days before my settlement hearing and frequently contacted David Knoll's office to express my anxiety. David or a member of his staff always returned my calls and re-assured me that he was putting his best efforts into defending me. On the day of the settlement hearing, David Knoll, with his quiet confidence again assured me that he was working diligently on my behalf. The outcome of my felony criminal charge was a reduction to a misdemeanor, three years informal probation and 180 days (six months) of home detention instead of the County's "Jail of Hell." I am extremely pleased and relieved about the outcome and that David Knoll kept his promise to ensure that I retained my right to vote AND not spend another day in the "Jail of Hell." If I ever encounter anyone facing criminal charges, I will give them one of David Knoll's cards along with my strong recommendation for his services. David Knoll is an awesome attorney and I highly recommend him to anyone facing the daunting challenge of facing "Jail of Hell" time of state prison. He is, as my supporting friend said, a ferocious attorney for his clients. David Knoll literally saved my life and my sanity.RD