David Knoll saved my life!!!!

nicole schroeder
I was so terrified when I received my 3rd DUI, how could this happen!!! Long story short...........I was frantic to find a good lawyer and after spending hours upon hours calling around and meeting with lawyers that did not impress me, I was starting to really panic. I met with lawyers who were mean or creepy or had a weird office space, I even met one that looked like he had not showered in a week! Then I met a guy who told me about his lawyer David Knoll, and he told me how much David Knoll had helped him, It was amazing, later that week I met David Knoll and loved his honesty and how straightforward he was with me! After the long court process Mr.Knoll got me two months house arrest on my 3rd DUI, with an accident and minor injury's, he literally did save my life!!!!!!!!!