Great Representation

My wife and I hired David Knoll to represent us in a serious case involving 6 felonies. We had consulted with other attorneys, but the scenarios they described were frightening. A good friend of mine who had experienced a positive outcome on his case with David's representation, recommended David Knoll. Upon our first meeting with David, our outlook changed to one of hope. David Knoll was able to uncover facts in the police reports that others had overlooked. During the months that followed leading up to trial, David would meet us in the courthouse hallway for a much needed brief pep talk before entering the courtroom. David's firm handshake and confident smile were all we had to cling onto in my family's darkest days. David would often say "take a deep breadth and relax, I did my homework". And David did do his homework, during trial 5 of the 6 charges were dropped and I was able to plead to the lesser of the charges and quite frankly keep my life.