David Knoll is the most experienced and knowledgeable lawyer I have ever encountered! He took a personal interest in my case and fought very hard for me to get the best outcome he could, even while the DA was doing everything possible to railroad me and destroy my life, as well as any chance of having a decent future. He was able to reduce my sentence from 6 months in jail to only 6 days. David Knoll knows his stuff! I hope I never need him again but if I ever need a criminal lawyer again you can bet Mr. Knoll will be the 1st person I contact. I now have a 2nd chance at turning my life around even though I've had a few already. I've always had a poor opinion of lawyers, that they just want money and to clear a case as soon as possible so they can move on to the next paying customer. This has been my past experience but was not the case with David. If you want an excellent lawyer who will do everything he can to get you the best results possible, Better Call Knoll! Thanks for everything David.