Sacramento Child Endangerment Criminal Felony Defense AttorneyChild endangerment refers to any action or inaction that negatively affects the well-being or life of a child. The action could be recklessness and the inaction could be indifference. In California, child endangerment is usually a felony that carries a maximum sentence of six years.

Sometimes the harm experienced by children is unintentional. Sacramento attorney David Knoll understands that unfortunate things can happen to the children of even the most attentive and loving parents. He understands parental suffering, and goes to great lengths to plead a case.

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Child Endangerment in California

Under California law, the specific instances someone is charged with child endangerment are as follows:

  • Intentionally harming a child that results in serious physical injury, or a risk of death;
  • Allowing a child to endure unjustifiable physical or mental suffering;
  • Knowingly placing a child in a dangerous situation.

Examples of Child Endangerment

The following are a few examples of what most states recognize as child endangerment.

  • Leaving a child unattended in a car;
  • Driving while intoxicated or impaired with a child in the car;
  • Leaving a child in the care of someone you know is mentally and/or physically abusive;
  • Failing to supervise a child in an unsafe area;
  • Leaving a child alone at home;
  • Administering severe corporal punishment;
  • Failing to get medical care for a sick child.

Child Endangerment Penalties

When child endangerment involves the possibility of great physical harm or the risk of death, the prosecuting attorney can bring charges for a misdemeanor or a felony.

If there was no risk of great physical harm or death to the child, then the charge is a misdemeanor.

If convicted of misdemeanor child endangerment, you could face up to one year in the county jail. If convicted of felony child endangerment, you could face up to six years in a state prison.

Sacramento defense attorney David Knoll mounts a vigorous defense to promote your side of the story. With decades of litigation experience, criminal defense attorney David Knoll knows how to reduce felony charges to misdemeanors and defends his clients vigorously to protect their rights under the law. Contact our law office to get the legal help you and your family needs!

Further Examples of Misdemeanor Child Endangerment

Here are a few examples to help you understand some of the circumstances under which people are charged with misdemeanor child endangerment: you strike your child as punishment; you leave your child in a car unattended; you expose your child to fire; you leave a child alone at home.

Misdemeanor Child Endangerment Penalties

If convicted of misdemeanor child endangerment, penalties can include time in a county jail for up to six months, a fine of up to $1000, and/or four years of informal or summary probation.

Informal probation normally has several specific conditions attached to it. Examples are:

  • The Court can issue a protective order to shield the child from any future danger. It may forbid you from having any contact with the child, or going to the child’s home, (even if it was your residence before the conviction);
  • The Court can order you to complete a minimum one-year child abuser’s treatment program;
  • If you were under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance at the time of the abuse, the Court can order you to abstain for the length of the probationary period;
  • The Court may order random drug testing.

Defense of Misdemeanor Child Endangerment

Child endangerment attorney David Knoll defends your case by proving one or more of the following elements.

  • You did not purposely cause injury to the child;
  • You did not purposely or knowingly place the child in a dangerous situation;
  • What happened to the child was an accident;
  • The corporal punishment you inflicted on the child was appropriate and reasonable;
  • You were wrongfully accused;
  • It was not you who caused harm to the child.

Sacramento defense attorney David Knoll knows how devastating a charge of child endangerment can be. He knows most parents would do anything to protect their children from harm. Attorney Knoll, a compassionate and skillful attorney, works to ensure that your case resolves successfully.

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