Sacramento Grand Theft Auto Felony Criminal Defense AttorneyGrand Theft Auto refers to the theft of a car by a perpetrator who doesn’t intend to ever return it to its rightful owner. He or she may try to sell it, take it to a chop shop where it is disassembled for its parts, or use it as a getaway car in the commission of a crime.

If you’ve been charged with grand theft auto, contact criminal defense attorney David Knoll right away to improve your chances of a reduced sentence or dismissal of your case. The penalties for a grand theft auto conviction are serious and you’ll need Sacramento defense lawyer David Knoll his experienced staff to start on your case immediately.

The Penalties for Grand Theft Auto in California

If you have been arrested for grand theft auto in California, you can be charged with either felony theft or misdemeanor theft. The prosecutor will make the determination based on any previous convictions and on the circumstances surrounding the crime.

In California, auto theft can refer to two different charges: grand theft auto; or the lesser offense of taking or driving a car without permission (sometimes called “joyriding”). An attempt to keep the car permanently will result in a charge of grand theft auto. An intent to use it for a short “spin,” will likely result in a charge of joyriding.

The majority of the time, defendants are charged with a felony theft. You can be sentenced to a state penitentiary from 16 months to three years.

David Knoll Fights Hard to Protect Your Freedom

Grand Theft Auto Attorney David Knoll

If you have been charged with grand theft auto, David Knoll, an experienced criminal lawyer, creates viable defenses on your behalf. He works relentlessly to get your charges reduced or dismissed. For grand theft auto, he hears your side of the story and applies one or more of the following defenses:

  • The car belonged to you, or you truly believed it did;
  • You had permission to take the car;
  • You were falsely accused and did not take the car;
  • Because you’ve been allowed to drive the vehicle in the past with permission from the owner, you didn’t believe you had done anything wrong (this defense can greatly reduce the charges against you);
  • You did not have the intention to sell the car, use it as a getaway car, sell it to a chop shop, or use it in any way related to California’s grand theft auto statutes. In this scenario, your charges could be significantly reduced.

Grand theft auto attorney David Knoll, an experienced and capable defense lawyer, works tirelessly on your case to secure the very best possible outcome for you.

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