Sacramento Felony Conviction Criminal Defense AttorneyMake no mistake about it; being charged with a felony is a very serious matter. If convicted of a felony, you may have to serve time in a state or federal penitentiary. In addition to imprisonment, you could face tough fines, seeing your driver’s license suspended or revoked, and mandated therapy or rehabilitation programs. And that’s where personal representation by a gifted litigator like David Knoll and his staff can play an important role in protecting you from overzealous prosecution by a District Attorney’s office that doesn’t know anything about you or the specifics of your case and life.

David Knoll Fights Hard to Protect Your Freedom

Once convicted of a felony, you can lose all of your basic civil rights. You cannot vote, run for office, serve on a jury, or own any weapons. After release from prison, you may have problems finding a job or traveling to a foreign country. Obtaining a credit card, or getting a loan for a car, home or education may be impossible.

If, prior to conviction, you worked at a particular profession, your criminal record can affect employment in your chosen field after your release. You will never be eligible to receive a license to practice in specific areas, such as law, police work, CPA, or pharmaceuticals, depending on the nature of your crime. If you had a license for these trades before going to jail, it’s likely to be revoked.

As a felon, not only will you lose years of precious time with your friends and family, but you can never act as a foster parent or adopt a child.

In short, a felony conviction wreaks havoc on your life and on the lives of those that love you.

Because the consequences of a felony conviction are so devastating, it is vital that you immediately seek counsel from a trusted and experienced criminal defense attorney. David Knoll is a criminal defense attorney providing aggressive and ethical representation for his clients. Whether the charge involves domestic violence, murder, assault, or tax fraud, David Knoll works tirelessly to get your charges dismissed or reduced.

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