Sacramento Fraud Conviction Felony Criminal Defense AttorneyFraud is a crime characterized by intentional misrepresentation of facts in order to gain something of value from someone else (usually for financial gain). All criminal fraudulent activity has the intent to deceive.

There are numerous types of fraud – credit card fraud, tax fraud, pyramid or Ponzi schemes, life insurance fraud, Medicaid fraud, mail fraud, mortgage fraud, Workers’ Compensation fraud – the list is unfortunately endless.

Fraud cases are usually very complex, and depending upon the type of fraud perpetrated, you can be charged at both the state and the federal level. You need David Knoll, a skillful Sacramento fraud defense attorney, to build your defense using all the expertise gained over decades practicing law.

David Knoll Fights Hard to Protect Your Freedom

Prosecution and Penalties for Fraud

Most white-collar fraud crimes are non-violent and depending upon the severity of the wrongdoing, the prosecutor will charge you with either a misdemeanor or a felony. Because fraud cases are usually very complicated, it takes a while for the prosecuting attorney to level a charge.

It is for this reason that you should call white-collar crime defense lawyer David Knoll as soon as you find you are under investigation. If circumstances allow it, he can intervene to see that no charges are ever filed, or present evidence to negotiate a reduced charge.

Penalties for fraud can include substantial fines and time in either the county jail or a prison. You can have your assets seized and if you have a professional license, you could lose it. Increased penalties are possible if you are charged with a federal fraud offense. If you find yourself in this situation, you could be tried in state court as well as in federal court.

Legal Defenses Available for Fraud

There are several legal defenses available to you if charged with fraud. David Knoll may be able to present evidence that you didn’t have fraudulent intent; that you are a victim of entrapment; or that your situation is a case of mistaken identity. The important thing is that he will do his best to let the facts speak in your behalf.

If you are being investigated for fraud or have already been charged, call criminal defense attorney David Knoll immediately! His early intervention may save you from losing your freedom, your job, your hard earned savings, and the quality of your life and time with your family.

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