Sacramento Homicide Felony Criminal Defense AttorneyPerhaps one of the most serious criminal charges one can face is homicide, causing the death of another human being or fetus. For homicide convictions, you face a long prison term or even the death penalty.

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The Categories Of Homicide

In California, the law covers two homicide categories: criminal homicide and involuntary manslaughter.

Criminal Homicide

Murder and voluntary manslaughter constitute criminal homicides, and both are considered unjustifiable. If convicted of either, the penalties are severe.

  • Murder is a crime committed with malice aforethought, meaning that the perpetrator acted with premeditation, with complete indifference to human life.
  • Voluntary manslaughter refers to the killing of another human being in the heat of passion. It lacks the element of premeditation.

You can be charged with 1st degree or 2nd degree murder depending upon the seriousness of the crime and your intent.

Involuntary Or Intentional Homicide

Death can be due to negligence, recklessness, or caused during the commission of a misdemeanor crime. Laws applied to involuntary manslaughter do not apply to car accidents caused by the driver. (California has specific laws governing the charges of gross vehicular manslaughter or negligent vehicular manslaughter.)

Excusable Or Justifiable Homicide

Excusable or justifiable homicide occurs when there is no premeditated or criminal intent to kill someone. Examples of this type of homicide include self-defense, a law enforcement officer killing someone in the line of duty, or killing someone in order to defend another person. This does not necessarily include defending your property, unless self-defense can also be demonstrated. Do not assume that because you think a homicide was justified that the district attorney will see things the same way! This is a serious mistake. All homicide cases require qualified representation from a criminal defense attorney like David Knoll. Asking for an attorney is not an admission of guilt — it’s exercising your rights under the law.

Penalties for Homicide Convictions

The penalties for homicides vary according to the gravity of the crime and the intent of the perpetrator. Penalties can range from the death penalty (in some capital murder cases) to all charges being dropped, as in the case of an excusable or justifiable homicide.

Criminal defense attorney David Knoll uses a variety of legal defenses to assist you in your trial. For the best outcome of your homicide case, he and his staff are the ones to trust in Sacramento courtrooms.

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